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62 Port Moresby
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Founded in 2014, Malwin Workman Limited is an independent specialized Labour Supply Agency committed to providing industry recruitment, labor supply + client services that is Head-quartered in the country’s capital city, Port Moresby, NCD, PNG. Malwin has rapidly established itself as the Country’s leader in supplying permanent and seasonal staff for Mining, Petroleum, technology, financial, office, healthcare, commercial, agriculture, forestry and fishing industry recruiting and client service. We are committed to the long-term success of our company through superior customer and candidate service. This photo (right) depicts Malwin’s vision and growth just like that of those two children, though young kids, they have a definite goal of reaching the top of the mountain ahead of them. Malwin Workman Limited is organized into eight specialized staffing divisions to better serve key markets and talent areas: • MINING - Focus on industrial recruiting & staffing • PETROLEUM - Focus on industrial recruiting & staffing • TECHNOLOGY- Focus on technical recruiting & staffing • ACCOUNTING- Focus on finance and accounting recruiting & staffing • OFFICE- Focus on administrative recruiting & staffing • COMMERCIAL- Focus on commercial, supply & procurement recruiting & staffing • AGRICULTURE,FORESTRY&FISHING , - Focus on agricultural, forestry & fishing recruiting & staffing • HEALTHCARE- Focus on medical and dental recruiting & staffing

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Malwin Workman Limited is aiming to become the Papua New Guinea’s leader in specialized staffing by providing: • An extensive pool of candidates with specific industry knowledge and skills • A full suite of staffing services including seasonal and short term contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time direct-hires • Career counseling and excellent benefits to contract staffing professionals • Wide-ranging use of recruiting resources, including: social media, online job sites, local media sources,local college, universities and technical schools, local resources owners and broad employee referral network • Experienced Malwin Managers and Consultants with proven specialized and professional industry experience and expertise.